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The World Scholar's Cup is a multi-sport event that competes for culture in English, and is a valuable opportunity to deepen international understanding through exchanges with junior and senior high school students from about 40 countries and regions around the world. It started in 2012 in Japan. If you win the top prize in the national competition, you will be entitled to participate in the world competition, and if you reach the top in the world competition, you will be entitled to participate in the championship competition held at Yale University.

The Conference

What is WSC?

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World Scholar's Cup (abbreviation: WSC) is a competition for the comprehensive education of junior and senior high school students.

It started in Korea in 2006, and since then, domestic competitions have been held all over the world. Today, national competitions are held in more than 50 countries, with nearly 20,000 students from around the world participating.

◼︎ Vision

WSC is:

  • Inclusive Inclusive

  • Encouraging Encouragement

  • Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary

  • Discussion-based Discussion-based

  • Forward-looking Future-oriented and positive

  • Team-oriented Team-oriented

  • Whimsical eccentric


  • Discover and practice new strengths and skills of students from all backgrounds.

  • Inspire future global scholars and leaders on a global level.

◼︎ Tournament overview

  • Regional Round: Top 10 teams + wildcards (several teams) qualify for World Championships

  • Global Round: Top 20% qualify for finals

  • Tournament of Champions: Held at Yale University, Connecticut, USA


About WSC Japan

We will do the following activities:

  • Activities to spread WSC in Japan

  • Support for smooth operation of domestic competitions (Tokyo, Kansai, Kyushu) (* 1)

  • Coordination and support for participants in the world and final competitions from Japan

  • Contact and coordination with the US tournament headquarters

  • Obtaining grants and sponsors for financial support of the Games

* 1) Domestic competitions are run by the executive committee members of each region.


The WSC Japan Tournament is the only student-centered tournament planned and managed among the many national tournaments in each country. WSC JAPAN does not have a direct capital or business relationship with DemiDec, the organizer of World Scholar's Cup, and is engaged in non-profit activities on its own.

Articles of Incorporation


300 ppl

3500 ppl

700 ppl


Regional Round
Global Round
Tournament of Champions

Past Events

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Past Events

2022  11  Tournament of Champions at Yale
          09  Global Round in Bangkok at Askra Theatre
         07  Kyushu Round at Linden Hall School, Fukuoka
          05  Japan Round at PASELA Resorts, Akibahabara


2016 of participating schools (some abbreviation)

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